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You can do following with this application::<+>

You can do following with this application::<->



An incident or event could be a session of a class in a school, a fire drill in a company, a working day for a crew, service crew's presence, uncle Joe's birthday, your shipping list, or the next oil change on your car, etc.



A group could be the name of the department in a company, a class name in a school, a working crew, a unit of soldiers in the army, or your self for your personal activities
If this the the first time you use the application, you should start by creating your own group(s) to organize peoples
Once you have the group(s) created, you can then add people to the group(s) or modify people's group association(s) afterwards
!!!Important, two default groups are created: Myself and Contacts - please don't delete them !!!

Record attendance for an incident and check for reports::<+>

Record attendance for an incident and check for reports::<->

1. go to 'Member(s)/Roll Call/Track on Map' page
2. Select the incident by clicking the incident button at the lower right corner
3. Select the group(s) that is(are) participating the incident by clicking the left side of the second row of the page
4. Click the Roll Call button at the lower left corner to start the Roll Call (recording)
5. Check people(s) who showed up and optionally add notes for the incident
6. Click Save/End
7. Click the report symbol on upper right corner of 'Member(s)/Roll Call/Track on Map' page for PDF report of attendances
8. Attendance results can be accessed on Incident/Event page

Sample Data::<+>

Sample Data::<->

The app is initially loaded with template groups, peoples, and incidents, so you can play with them before deleting and creating your own data. If you have pre version 2.2.8 and experience problems changing member's information, try to change its image first. !!!Important, Don't delete the two default groups: Myself and Contacts !!! - deleting them may result in strange behavior

Help (within the Application)

You can return to the Help page by clicking the ... at the upper right corner followed by clicking ? then Help.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)::<+>

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)::<->

Q: What are the buttons on top of the map page for?

A: As shown above, 4 to 6 buttons are provided in the top of "Subway (Tour) Map / My Tracks ..." page: they are (starting from left):

- back to the main menu - from main menu, go to Timer page, then click the bell symbol at upper left of the page will take you to the root menu which has more tools
- search for points of attractions(POAs) by key word or category (appears only when POAs added)
- plot named trails on maps (disappears once you started collecting your locations)
- start collecting your location (will turn to red when collecting)
- switch for uploading your collected locations so you or your authorized friends can plot your locations on the maps - will turn to solid-red when uploading is on
- show your fitness data: steps walked, stairs climbed, etc.

Q: How to turn on/off tour map /subway map / offline map

A: As shown above, 4 to 6 buttons are provided in the bottom of "Subway (Tour) Map / My Tracks ..." page depending on data availability of that product:

- On/Off for offline map tiles
- Multi-task menu for your current location, plotting a circled pin at a specific latitude/longitude, etc.
- On/Off for scaled Subway/Tour Map
- On/Off for diagram of Subway or Tour Map (may be scaled)
- Set mapping region when using the application inside China, so your location, points of attractions will match the maps
- Add/Remove/search points of attractions, restaurants, lodgings to/from maps, or open tour guide document

Q: How to share my contacts with friends?


Step A: on your device

1 Open this application, go to Backup/Restore/Report Email page
2 Select Backup (Send Email) and Application Data then click 'Go'
3 In the email sender specify your friend's email address and modify the Subject line !!! DO NOT MODIFY ANY PART OF THE EMAIL BODY !!!
4 In the email sender, send the email to your friend

Step B: on your friend's device

1 Open the email from you, select the content of the email body and copy
2 Install this application, then open this application, go to Backup/Restore/Report Email page
3 Select Restore/Replace and Application Data
4 Paste the copied email content from 1 above into the text area between the two buttons then click 'Go'
5 !!!Important - Restart this application!!! (you can re-start by powering off then powering on your friend's phone/unit)
6 Now all members' information in this app. are transferred to your friend's phone/unit

Q: How to export all my members information to phone's contact's ?


1. In this application, from main menu go to 'Member(s)/Roll Call/Track on Map' page
2. Click the bi-directional arrow symbol next to the map symbol on the page top and follow on-screen instructions

Q: How to add member or my location id(s)


Step A: On your device, ask the member to send his/her location id which can be initiated if you are in member creation/editing page and click the location button
Step B: On member's device, go to 'xxx / My Tracks' page and click the location button on the lower left of the map page and follow the instructions to send the location id to you
The member sends his/her location from within 'xxx / My Tracks' page via SMS
Step C: On your device, after receiving the location id, edit the member's profile, and put the location id in the locid field and make sure the location button next to it is turned on (solid)
Note: Member's location id may change if the member re-installs the application

Q: How can I see the latest/current location of (a) member(s) or mine ?


1. Follow How to add member or my location id(s) described above
2. On member's device go to 'xxx / My Tracks...' page's top, click the Star button located in the middle of the page's top, location upload button so they both turn into red. On some Android devices, it may take up to an hour before it starts to post - an alert will show with message: 'Successfully posted your location ...'
3. On this device, from main menu goto to 'Member(s)/Roll Call ...' page, click the map symbol in the upper right corner, then click the location button to show member's location

Note: To be able to upload location or see location, make sure Internet connection is available on the device and this application has the permission to the Internet.

Q: How can I see the tracks of (a) member(s) or mine?


1. Follow How to add member or my location id(s) described above
2. On member's device

3. On this device, from main menu goto to 'Member(s)/Roll Call ...' page, click the map button in the upper right corner, then click the tracks button at the upper right of the map to show member's tracks


Q: How can I hide the location or tracks of (a) member(s) or mine on map?


Edit the member(s) profile and turn the location symbol into outline from solid.

Note: You can first test using this device as member's device to check if you can see the tracks and locations on the member map (not 'My Tracks' map)

Private Policy:<+>

Private Policy:<->

The app may collect user's locations, so the app. can plot those locations on the device as a trail.
The app may send messages via the device's SMS tool when the user opens the multi-task menu on the bottom of the map page,
the SMS messages will carry any information the user choose to send, and the destination will be specified by the user.
The app may access users contact information on the phone when user chooses to copy between the contact and the app's members profiles
Under no circumstanses the app. disclose to any third parties any information it collects from user's device